Thursday, January 24, 2008

New Blog Content

This blog, which previously contained postings on the Japanese economy and Japanese real estate market, will now be devoted to my various non-business related interests. In this regard, I have been studying the subject of climate change and global warming over the past year and this blog will, for some time at least, be focused on my own and others research and analysis of these subjects. I am an urban economist and statistician by academic training meaning that my postings on these subjects will have a distinctly economic and statistical bent. It is said that economists believe they can analyze virtually everything and some might conclude that this is yet another economist venturing into areas they know nothing about and about which should say even less. However, the important thing is offering insight and the reader can judge whether or not the content herein does so to their satisfaction.

As I am a contrarian by nature I tend to view consensus viewpoints as positions perturbed to a lesser or greater extent from reality; thus the title "Maintaining Equilibrium". I will contend that the consensus viewpoint on global warming and climate change is likely far enough removed from reality to render current consensus policy responses at best laughable and at worst damaging to both the economy and environment. I hope that readers of this content will be stimulated and challenged. I look forward to readers comments.

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