Saturday, August 30, 2008

John McCain Will Win

John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin was absolutely brilliant and, more likely than not, will deliver him the U.S. presidency in two months (and change) time. Here's why:

1. The boldness of the selection completely took the spotlight away from Barack Obama's acceptance speech and blunted its eventual impact.
2. By selecting a woman, McCain highlighted the fact that Obama passed over Hillary Clinton for an old white guy without seriously considering her. Had Obama selected Clinton, McCain would have gained little from selecting someone like Palin.
3. Because Palin is an evangelical Christian and stridently anti-abortion, McCain's pick will energize social conservatives who have thus far been sitting on the sidelines.
4. Palin successfully fought deeply entrenched political corruption in her own party. That suggests she's a tough woman and will be able to handle the pressure that will be thrown at her. She is being underestimated by the Democrats.
5. McCain's selection highlights the fact that he is the bold candidate in this election. Obama has in fact been revealed, by his selection of Biden, to be cautious and conservative.

The reaction of Democrats to McCain's pick is predictable; afterall, that's what they get paid to do and say. But if she turns out to be what McCain obviously thinks she is capable of, then that talk will be quieted.

Personally, McCain's pick of Palin probably seals the deal for me. I'm probably going to cast my vote for Obama-Biden in my home state of Pennsylvania. But I think the Democrats are, by foolishly selecting Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton and then by Obama foolishly deciding to pass over Clinton for Joe Biden, now at serious risk of losing an election that should have been their's almost by default.

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i couldn't agree more!