Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nevada Falls

There are no falls in Nevada, a bone dry state from top to bottom where hardly a river runs through it. John McCain's lead in the state has dried up to nothing and Barack Obama now has a slender lead. This switch of this five electoral vote state into the Democratic column (for the moment anyway) means that Obama now has 322 electoral votes under his belt:

Although the big picture in the election has changed but a fraction, blue shadows are steadily being cast over the electoral map. Ohio and Missouri have moved into the dark blue category (Obama 52%+ vote share) while North Carolina has turned pink:

McCain's lead in Florida is close enough that he will be forced to devote resources to the state to try and hold back the Obama tide. North Carolina may not be too far behind:

Oh yes, Obama now has a 4.6 percentage point lead nationally:

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