Friday, October 3, 2008

Running Out of Time

The presidential race has entered the fourth quarter and Barack Obama is slowly pulling away from John McCain. Day after day Obama scores baskets on McCain by simply doing nothing and letting the financial meltdown melt down Republican resistance to his becoming president. We are near the point where Obama will simply begin to hold on to the ball, avoid mistakes and try to run out the clock.

At that point, of course, the race will begin to tighten again and Obama's overly cautious nature will become a liability. But that seems far off in the future and this is the picture of the election right now:

The lead has ticked up to 3.6 percentage points. While the lead seems small, it translates into a significant 317-221 lead in the Electoral College, a margin that has not changed for a few days. The table of current conditions in the swing states shows, for the most part, continued movement towards Obama over the past 24 hours:

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Anonymous said...

Hi John, can you explain why intelligent Republicans are so often represented by people who are not very impressive?

As an Englishman I often watch Fox News and see very bright supporters of the Republican party who are well informed and articulate. They can analyse political and economic issues and have great depth of knowledge. What puzzles me is why, as their candidates for high office, they are so happy to support people who do not have these skills and understanding. I support most of the Republican positions but could never have voted for Reagan, Quayle, GW Bush, or for a ticket including Sarah Palin.