Thursday, October 16, 2008

North Carolina's in the Club

With today's post we officially welcome North Carolina to the Swing State Club. John McCain is still ahead in the state, but his lead is shrinking day by day:

Note how West Virginia has disappeared from the list. A new poll in the state released today suggests that her earlier inclusion may have been a bit premature. She's been ordered to spruce up a bit and wait her turn before we let her back in. She's in a bit of a line though:

If there is much more movement towards Barack Obama, three staunchly Republican states are destined to fall into Democratic hands. So much for the exciting Election Day we were anticipating just a few short weeks ago. The revised electoral map looks like this:

The Electoral College vote is unchanged at 349-189 in Obama's favor. The popular vote has moved just a fraction in Obama's favor over the past 24 hours (will need to add this a bit later as the software seems to have a bit of a bug right now):

Oh yes, the U.S. markets overnight plunged on the news that U.S. consumers, who are no longer being lent money they don't actually have in order to buy things they actually can't afford and don't actually have any way of paying the money back, actually don't have any money of any kind to spend anywhere. Actually. The markets are shocked at this common sense revelation. And I'm shocked, shocked, too.

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